Friday, June 26, 2009

Call to Artists!

Our next In-Store Art show from August 3rd through November 2nd will be a display of
"Flights of Fancy".
This show is open to Artists of all ages and any Media.What we are looking for is a variety of
fantasy, surreal, abstract or otherwise unique art,
that will show the enormous range and imagination of our artistic customers.This subject should also fit in well with October, and we hope that you would bring some of the most
creative Halloween costume pieces
you have made with products we sell in the store, like a papier-mache' mask for example.

For rules and further information about showing here at the store, click here.

Get ready, the comics are coming!

24 Hour Comics Day is starting on OCTOBER 3rd.
Planning has only just begun, please call with any questions about participation.
Did you ever get to see the wonderful comics that were made during the 24 hour comic event here at Artists Mediums last year?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Information about OPEN Acrylics

Golden Artists Colors has produced some very helpful and informative You Tube videos regarding the uses and applications of their new OPEN Acrylic slow drying product line.
There is one which shows how to use the mediums to make your OPEN Acrylic paints last even longer, and another that shows how the absorbancy of the substrate will effect the drying time of these paints.
Golden Acrylic Company is an American made line of paint and (in our opinion), one of the better lines of acrylics around, since that is all they do! We hope that you can benefit from some of the videos they have made available.
To view these go to: