Thursday, October 27, 2011

We are getting ready for the GIFT EXHIBIT.

What is the GIFT SHOW?
We are looking for new art. (That Artists Mediums has not shown before)
Small-ish/reasonably priced works, that you think folks may want to purchase to give as gifts during the holiday season.

The rules are simple..this is a public place so keep it PG, if it isn't safe to hang, we'll refuse it...
(click here for the rules)
This will be the last show, during which we will still be taking only a 20% commission.
(Begining in February 2012, we will have to start taking 30% commission.)

All art needs to have the accompanying paperwork, already filled out.
This includes your LIST of product, which also serves as a waiver of liability,
as well as a tag for each piece to identify your art.
(For the LIST/waiver click here.)
(For the Tags, click here.)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper can work miracles...

Never underestimate the value of Simple Paper Silhouettes!

We have several interesting items for Halloween!

Glow in the Dark Paints and CLAYS, Face paints, Clay, Paper, and Matboard in all colors, so you can make the perfect costume, card, treat, or decoration for this Autumns Festivities.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ghost Stories -The coolest Halloween decoration on the block?

Just in time for Halloween!
Do you have a collection of old Photos and memoribilia, just skulking in a drawer somewhere, wanting it's story told, wishing to see the light of day?
Do you want to make a collage as a tribute to someone or something important to you?
Or do you just want the coolest halloween decoration on the block?


Ghost Stories Box Assemblage Class
with Lorraine Reynolds
Saturday, October 29th
from 10:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.

with a break for lunch.
$60.00 per student
Ages 16 and up.

Pre-pay sign ups required by Wed. October 26th

Whether it’s an old family photo or a piece of old lace; we’ve all felt the presence of someone long gone when we encounter their things - the imprint they leave behind after possessing an object for a long period of time. These objects once had owners. They were bought and sold, made and broken. Some of them were kept and treasured, while others were forgotten in attics.

Each has a story to tell. This workshop will teach you the basics needed to construct a box assemblage that speaks the ghost stories of the past.

Materials list available upon registration.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

The advantages of reading our blog!

Ok, I know it's not always a riveting read...
but here's one advantage to taking a peak at our blog once in a while:
Extra Coupons!!!

Maybe one of these will help you out with your creativity!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Star Bookmaking Class

Star book Class
with Elissa Campbell
Saturday, October 15th
from 11:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. with a break for lunch.
$60.00 per student (most materials provided)
Ages 14 and up.
(STUDENTS min: 4-MAX: 12)
Pre-pay sign ups required by Wed. October 12th

This beautiful, three-dimensional book is sure to capture the imagination! Don’t let this book’s appearance fool you – it’s much easier to create than it looks.
In this workshop, participants will create a star book made from layers of paper and collage materials. The book opens up completely to form a star shape when the covers are held back-to-back. You can use the attached ribbon ties to secure the book when open or closed.
In this workshop, each participant will leave class with a completed book and a basic knowledge of bookbinding technique. You will receive a detailed handout and resource list for all materials we use. No previous experience required – this is a great class for all skill levels. Non-artists, teachers, photographers, and all creative types are welcome!

All materials are included in the workshop fee, but feel free to bring materials for use in creating a theme/concept for the book.
Some ideas:
Collage materials – small bits of handmade paper, fabric, fibers, etc.
Rubber stamps and pads
Markers, pens, colored pencils, etc.
Decorative scissors/punches

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Past the half-way point and into the wee hours of morning

It's just 3 a.m. as I check in here...

We've dwindled to a small group, but Jim Gorman is the first to have completed his 24 page story, and is getting ready to start another.  Yep, he's going to try and keep his original goal of getting two 24 page stories down on paper in one 24-hour session. That's twenty-four pages in six hours if he can do it.  Jim wins his pick of the Canson Fanboy prizes either way.

Rocky's Pizza arrived with fresh fresh pizza pie earlier this evening, which is a wonderful motivator year after year (Thanks John & crew!) the box of snack treats from Sweet Clover Market is a never-ending treasure-trove (I'm now hooked on orange & rosemary flavored pecans...)  Delicious coffee from Phoenix Books & Cafe has lasted us these past eighteen hours.  We tip our hats to you all! 

Bob W. B.

Jim cleaning up for round two

Greg  G.
My slow progression!  --Kristin

Geoff G.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

24 HCD in Williston Vermont is ROLLING!

Seven of our group here in VT have begun their comics, and I'm about to join them. Excpecting a few more participants to trickle in soon... especially now that the coffee has arrived :)

It's a cold dreary day, perfect to be inside making comics and consuming hot beverages!

art by Rick Evans

Many thanks to our 2011 sponsors:

Phoenix Books (BEST indie bookshop around!)
Rocky's Pizza (we are all looking forward to DINNER!)
Sweet Clover Market (AWESOME snacks!)
Canson Papers (PRIZES!)

And, of course:
all my fellow staff at Artists' Mediums for making this possible
for one more crazy, crazy year.