Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Stonehenge Colors in Stock!

New Lennox Printing Paper

New Stonehenge Polar White

New Stonehenge Kraft
New Stonehenge Steel Grey

New Stonehenge Pale Blue

I haven't ever tried the Lennox.
But I have loved Stonehenge Paper for a couple of decades.
In all this time, I have seen this fine soft cotton paper used  in printing, Paper cutting, and drawing.
I've even seen it embossed up to 1/4 of an inch thick!

Monoprint on Stonehenge Paper with Grape leaves by Chelsea Lindner
 It is my paper of choice for block printing and Monoprinting.
Personally I am excited to have several new colors available for my next printing project.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Artists Mediums 25th Anniversary

I want to make sure everyone is invited! 
Let us thank you for these wonderful inspiring years!
Everyone will have the chance to enter to win all kinds of art prizes*
 as well as enjoy snacks and treats with us and our customer, artist friends.
Join us Thursday, Friday and Saturday May 17th, 18th and 19th to celebrate our 25th anniversary of helping people make art!

Other Treats include incredible savings on great items.
We can't wait to see everyone of you!
Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat. 10-5 (802)-879-1236

*Prizes include:
FREE gift package to the first 30 customers who make purchases made at the store on each of the three days!
FREE MAKE ART Stickers, MAKE ART Buttons While Supplies Last.
(entries will be accepted all three days so you can all participate!)
Everyone can enter to win:
Golden Acrylic 8 color Paint Mixing Sets,
Golden "Raw Java" Coffee Mug
MCS Silver wooden Frame for 4x6 Photo
Up to $250. off of one frame from Larson Juhl
Williamsburg Oil Paint t-shirts
Williamsburg Oil Paint mini sample sets

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art book Reference Library

Come sit in our cozy seating area and take advantage of Artists' Mediums Inc.'s reference library. 
Our customers are welcome to stop by to read and enjoy the many art books that Chelsea brought into the store from her personal library.
Several other artists have begun to bring in old art books they aren't reading that you can also read these at your leisure here in the store. 

Trying to find just the right brush?

We have two new racks of brushes.

Watercolor Brushes, and Miniature Brushes.
(Miniature brushes are ALL only $3.95 each!!!)

A New line of mini brushes

Watercolor brushes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Cool Erasers

 I love it when we can bring in something new that makes our customers smile!

Yes, they really are erasers!


(This is another item we just recieved back into the store, and is everyday stock for for Artists Mediums)

Have you ever tried Aquacover with your Watercolors? It can be quite useful....but should you use white in your Watercolors?

What is Aquacover?
The package says that it is liquid watercolor paper. But it is water soluble, so it acts more like watercolor or gouache, therefore it will re-dissolve if over-painted. It is very thick, and it is opaque. The one we stock here at the store is a perfect color match to the Arches natural white watercolor paper. (also available through special order, in other watercolor paper colors)

When I was taught to use watercolors, I was given no white paint.
It was considered taboo to use it. You were really encouraged to find ways to plan carefully or mask out the white of your paper for the white in the painting. From my viewpoint that's one thing that makes good Watercolors sparkle; the bright paper, the contrast.
But there is white Watercolor Paint, right? Yes, most Manufacturers make both Chinese white, and Titanium white. Although the Titanium is more opaque and gives better coverage, than the semi-transparent Chinese white, they are both usually a 'colder color' of white than the paper you using. They stand out, and look awkward.
 If you are trying to make the paper white, so that you can paint over it again, you have to bear in mind that the color you apply to the top will dissolve into the white, and turn grey...yuk. Since the white watercolor paints dissolve in water like all the others, when they are thinned out, they just look hazy. For me, It's always better to just start over on a clean sheet of paper, and try to leave more white or wait till the paper is dry and cut the surface to remove the unwanted paint if it's possible.
The one big advantage Aquacover has over any other watercolor white, is that it matches the paper.
I personally think the best way to use this product, if you decide to use it, is in a situation where you must have the full white of the paper, like a highlight.
Have fun Painting!!
Chelsea -mngr -Artists' Mediums Inc.
(I would love to hear from all of you with your thoughts on the use of white in watercolor, throught the store, the blog, or facebook..)

Dover Coloring Books

Unique and sometimes even quite lovely Coloring books are back in stock.

We change up our orders every time we place them to allow the widest variety possible.
Come see our constantly changing selection.