Sunday, August 26, 2012

Exquisite Corpse

Artists’ Mediums Inc. Exquisite Corpse Project:

Perhaps you have seen paintings we have here in the store, which have a dreamlike quality, and odd style changes?

 The Exquisite Corpse is a surrealist’s game.

Originally it was “played” on a piece of paper. One artist would draw the beginnings of a figure, or a picture, then fold over the paper so that only ¼ of an inch of the lines were still visible, then pass it onto another artist, who would continue from there (without completing the image), without knowing what is drawn underneath. The effect is one that shows surprising variety, and originality.

The Employees of Artists Mediums have played this game with Pen and Ink, Acrylics, Oils, Collage, and more. Each person covers up their part of the art, before passing the canvas onto the next artist. Not knowing what you are “painting up against” has made for some very interesting subject transitions. Through the years many different Employee/artists have participated.

At first, we only played the game in its purest form, only indicating the directionality of the art, so it could be easily viewed when finished. Then we began to make pre-determinations. For example: our collage Exquisite Corpse had a vertical orientation, as well as a subject of animal/animals, and the media of Collage.

It has always been an enormous creative challenge, as well as being fun and inspiring. here is just one photo a previous project, but please come into the store and take a closer look at all five on display now.

Oil on canvas FIVE artists Exquisite corpse

Now we are trying to decide how best to involve YOU, our customers.

I’m not sure exactly how this is going to work. We need to make sure no-one loses a piece of art, so there may have to be a deposit or something. We will have ask for your personal contact information, when we send you home with one of these projects, so that we can find the art again later

We will have to trust you not to peek, if there is already art on the surface, just look at the colors you CAN see, and go from there!

Hopefully eventually there will be several choices, so all the different kinds of artists can have a go at this project. We know from experience that these projects can be time consuming, so, although we will keep track of who has each piece of art, we will allow several (3-5) weeks for each artist to complete the portion they are willing to do.

So one person at a time, will take it home, and make additions - and cover it up, before returning it to the store.

There will ultimately have to be a deadline, so we can hang it all in one big Exhibit. So that everyone can see the creative accidents and inspired uniqueness these types of artworks provide.

If you are interested in being involved with this project, please contact us here at the store with ideas and suggestions about how we can make this project work.

Thank you,
Chelsea Lindner

Artists Mediums Inc

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning Brushes

Never rest brushes on their hairs. Always leave them flat or with the hairs upright. Keep brushes clean during the painting session and give them a thorough cleaning after the session. For water-based paints, switch back and forth between rinsing out with tap water and mildly soaped water. For oil and alkyd paints, use mineral spirits or turpentine in the same manner and finish up with mild soap or brush cleaner and water. Always reshape the brush when work is complete.

Here’s a tip for cleaning really big brushes often used in oil painting. Place an old wire colander in a gallon plastic ice cream bucket. Next, place both in a taller bucket with a lid. Fill the gallon bucket with paint thinner to cover the bristles. Swirl the brushes against the colander and then wipe off the excess with a rag. The big bucket catches any splashes.

Remember that solvents are toxic and should be disposed of as hazardous wastes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer painting

Have you been painting outside during this lovely summer?

There's still time, and we still have some supplies to help you travel and be creative!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Metallic Sharpies!

Sharpie has come out with NEW metallic sharpie markers.

There are some of you who will rememebr that several years back, sharpie came out with gold and Silver, but the Gold didn't work so welll...this time they spent a lot more time re-developing a metallic pigment that will still go through the felt tip, but also will not settle this is a much better product!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canvas Pins are nearly gone!

I never even had time to let everyone know about the adorable little canvas pins!

There are already so few left!

This would make a nice holiday project,
hmmm... I guess we'll be ordering more of these soon!

Tie dye & great gifts

There's still time this summer to do some tie dying.

(For the record: My favorite baby gift is a set of tie dyed costs next to nothing, but a bit of  enjoyable creative time...and besides they don't show stains. -chels)