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Friday, February 15, 2013


Acrylics, well, actually, we do have a few of these!

Artists' Mediums Garage Sale

In conjunction with our Spring cleaning we will be having a huge garage sale here at Artists Mediums on Friday, March 15th (9-6) and Saturday, March 16th (10-5).
This huge sale will include special deals on original artworks,  a variety of art supplies,  and even some unexpected garage sale items.
If you've attended our tag sales before, you know it is a great opportunity. 
For just those two days ALL our IN-STOCK PAPER:
 Sheets, Pads and Rolls, 
will be 20% off of our lowest price marked. 
(This special is not to be combined with any other offer.)

Painterly Printmaking

Mermaid Monotype:  creating two works of art at once!

Painterly Printmaking:  Monotype with slow-dry acrylics
May 18th   
12:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Using Golden Artist Color's slow-drying artists' acrylic, this printmaking technique is now possible without expensive equipment or toxic solvents. Subtract and add colors to create an image and transfer with pressure onto paper. It's that simple, but the results are unique each and every time. Anyone from the practiced painter to the very beginner will enjoy the surprise as the paper is lifted to reveal the print!

Instructor:  Kristin Richland
Pre-registration required by May 4th:   $65 per person
Early sign-ups save $10!  Sign up by April 12th and pay only $55.
Appropriate for ages 16+. 
Materials provided.

Presenting & protecting your artwork with matting & framing

Presenting and protecting your artwork with matting and framing

Saturday May 11th
11:00 – 4:00 p.m.

This is a workshop that mainly covers the basics of how to use a mat cutter, but also covers safe methods of mounting the art and things to consider when you choose a frame, plus how to properly fit your art into a frame.  
Students with mat cutters are encouraged to bring them for the best hands-on learning during the workshop.  We will provide materials for matting and mounting the sample artwork.  One mat cutter will be made available for students to try if they do not yet own one.

Instructor:  Kristin Richland
Pre-registration required by April 27th:   $85 per person (materials included) 
Early sign-ups save $10!  Sign up by April 5th and pay only $75.
Appropriate for ages 18+.  
Kristin showing a multiple opening mat she cut by hand

Monday, February 4, 2013


You don't have to worry about making mistakes with this huge selection of Erasers:

 Of course almost the most important eraser of all is the kneaded eraser. These are great for lifting color, and you can snap them apart to clean out the graphite from them.
Kneaded Erasers

White plastic erasers, Gum erasers, Pink pearl erasers.

Artists' Mediums Inc. also carries Helix electric erasers and the refills that go with it.

This is a battery operated handheld eraser, much lighter than the old fashioned plug in ones. The advantage is that you can even use it to erase out highlights!

Sanford Eraser sticks are an old favorite for a lot of folks:

There is a wide selection of new detail oriented Erasers which give even more control and finesse:

We also always have a selection of fun, interesting, and unique erasers, this stock is constantly changing.

 These make great gifts for artists young or old.