Friday, March 19, 2010

Artists Mediums Art shows Rules and forms

ALL Art is accepted on a first come first serve basis, and should be something that hasn't shown at Artists Mediums previously.
Our shows will usually be displayed for three months and will be centered on a theme.
We can sell your art through the store, and will now be taking a 20% commission.
Money is paid to the artists at the end of the show when artwork is picked up.
We REQUIRE (like most show locations) that you fill out and sign a Waiver of Liability, and Show TAGS for ALL of the artwork that you would like to show. Completed forms must accompany delivered artwork. Click here to print out these forms:
Waiver of Liability
Show Tags
Drop off's and pick ups need to be made during store hours, within one week of the begining/end of each show. PLEASE understand we are primarily a retail art store, allow for extra time during drop offs and pick ups, as we cannot always accomodate a large influx of art as quickly as a professional gallery.
(Please note that we do not have storage space to store artwork outside of the show dates. Artwork left 30 days past the end date of the show will be charged a $5.00 storage fee. Artwork left over 60 days past the show end date will be donated to a local charity.)

Due to our retail environment, the artwork must be “PG,” ready to hang on the wall safely, and there are some space limitations.
(NO WIRELESS frames.)
If you have very large artwork, we can accomodate a couple pieces per show, so call to see if space is available.

(Per Person: 3 Designs, 3-5 of each max)
These must all be labelled with price, artist and descritpion as well.

3-D ART:
There is some space available in our glass cabinets for 3-D artwork, but that space is limited, by size and availability, feel free to call and ask if the space is full yet.

Your artwork doesn't have to be for sale, and if you do not wish to sell it, just mark it as "NFS".
(EXCEPT DURING OUR HOLIDAY GIFT SHOW, which is a show of unique items for the gift giving season, all art must be for sale during that show only.)
Bring in your art during our normal business hours, and we will try to fit it into the show!
Open to all ages, all styles and all ability levels! We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at (802) 879-1236 or (800) 255-1290.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Abstract Approach to Watercolors

Saturday April 3rd 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (FREE, no registration needed)

Patrick Kennedy will show his techniques for the introduction of the abstract element into watercolor.