Saturday, September 27, 2008

What is a 24 hour Comic Book Challenge?

The 24 hour comic challenge is for a cartoonist to completely create a 24 page comics story in 24 straight hours.

A "24 hour comic" is any comics story you make while facing the challenge, even if you take more than 24 consecutively-awake hours to make the comic or if you end after 24 hours with a story that's shorter than 24 pages.
It's a celebration of creation of 24 hour comics.
The first day was held in 2004, and a second is scheduled for 2005. This is a day when people are encouraged to create 24 hour comics.
Some folks gather at the official event sites to work on comics side by side, while other folks work on their stories at home alone or in private gatherings. Many of the official event sites are open for the public to come and watch the effort.
Is this really the best way to make a great comic?Probably not (although some really cool comics have been made this way), but that's not the real goal. The goal is to have the experience of trying.
It's a creative exercise that can teach you a lot about what you're capable of.

Who came up with the concept of 24 hour comic?A cartoonist named Scott McCloud. Scott is the leading theoretician in the comics field, a position he achieved with the release of Understanding Comics, an analysis of the comics form in the comics form. Head on over to to learn more about Scott and his insights.
How many 24 hour comics have been done? Over 1000 people have taken the challenge so far. Who is the youngest person to have drawn a 24 hour comic? Duncan Lowell, who took the challenge at age seven during the first 24 Hour Comics Day in 2004.

How is Artists Mediums involved?Artists’ Mediums is only one of the many locations around the world where people are getting together to draw a 24-page comic in 24 hours. Many people choose to work on them at home, but more prefer to work alongside other artists. We start at 6pm Friday the 17th, and finish at 6pm Saturday the 18th. The store will be open to the public the entire 24 hours. Participants will be sharing several tables set up throughout the store, and there will also be a small station for customers/observers to try doing their own (shorter) versions.
Our only real caveat for the event is that you MUST have someone who can give you a ride home after the event. Please provide us with their name & contact information either before the event or the day of. This is one of those liability issues that we are holding firm on.

Artists' Mediums will provide:
1) Table space for each participant (these are the large flat tables used for our demos)
2) Metal folding chair for each (keeping in mind the duration you'll be seated, you may want to bring your own chair (please no armchairs!) or at least a cushion.
3.) A small nap area with an air mattresses.
4.)The store bathroom will also be available to participants.
5.) We will have coffee brewing throughout the night, as well as some other caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages.
6.) Extra paper will be available if needed.

Each participant should bring:
1.) Your preferred drawing/painting materials. (Pretty much any 2D medium is acceptable.)
2.) Your own paper (we will have extra on hand if needed.) Paper that you work on should not exceed 8.5 x 11" or it will not fit on our photocopier. Smaller pages are easier to work on anyhow! If you do your comics on a portable computer, let us know and we will have power strips available.
3.) Any reference material that you may want to access (books, magazines, etc.)
4.) Headphones if you are listening to your own music. We may have the store radio going, but it will be in the background.
5.) A cushion for your chair, if desired.
6.) Feel free to bring whatever extra snacks/ drinks (obviously no alcohol) you specifically desire for your own consumption.

For more information please go to the official website:
Contact  Kristin at Artists’ Mediums for details on the hosted event.
(802) 879-1236
(800) 255-1290

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