Friday, October 17, 2008

24 Hour Comics Day has started!

We have BEGUN! Well, at 10 past 6 p.m. actually. Pictures will follow soon, but here again is our lovely poster, designed by Rick Evans (also a participant)

So far we have:

Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.
Christopher Burns
Karen Casper
Rick Evans
Mark Gonyea
Michelle Harshbarger
Benjamin Paulsen
Lauren Scheidegger

And later arrivals:

Ryan Cohen
Evan Cook
Ben Paulsen
Miriam Wells

This 24 Hour comic event is made possible by:
Pizzas generously donated by:
Sandwich platter generously donated by:
Water, cups and napkins donated by:
Supplies generously donated by our vendors:
Canson papers “Fan-boy” drawing papers
C2F Distribution Pentalic and AquaBee papers, drawing markers.
Holbien Screens, Nibs, and Inks
Sanford/Prismacolor Prismacolor fine line pens
…and, your host: ARTISTS’ MEDIUMS INC.

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