Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fresh from Colorado!

Chelsea has just returned from a trip to CO which included a visit with Terry Ludwig of Terry Ludwig Pastels (and yes, we'll have these in the shop soon!) When she's settled back in, we'll have some pictures from her tour of the factory. Until then, here's a bit of background:

"Frustrated with the lack of color options available and few choices for very soft pastels, Terry Ludwig began experimenting with formulas for making his own pastels in 1995.

His goal: create a vast array of color in pastels that were uniformly soft across all densities of hue.

His result: over 500 intense colors, some of which are unavailable elsewhere, in a unique square pastel.

Crafting each pastel with a broad range of pigments by hand with minimal natural binders renders highly concentrated, velvety pastels. The square shape delivers thick, broad strokes and thin, precise lines where necessary."

Look for these in our pastel aisle soon...

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