Saturday, April 23, 2011

Artists all over Vermont are gearing up to Paint Outdoors this Summer, and demand for art supplies IS growing!

Domestic Etching Paper -in stock in quantity.
a wider selection of Oil Paintsticks are in stock than ever before!
We even have two FULL racks of M.Graham Artists Watercolors -traditionally made -with honey, for your watercoloring pleasure!

Artists' Mediums is ordering more stuff for your artistic endeavors:
Many Drafting supplies will be checked in and unpacked by Monday afternoon!
Travel Watercolor Easels are ALREADY on the way.
Bee Super Deluxe Sketchbooks,
Speedball, Higgins and Daler Rowney drawing and writing inks, and
Canson MiTientes Pastel Papers are on order, as well!

Upcoming Orders;
If you are looking for Golden Acrylics of any size shape or color, I am already started on the order and will be placing it: Tues. August 26th.
Several kinds of Canvas and Paper, will be re-ordered right after that, so if you didn't see your favorite stuff the last time you stopped in, please let us know!
Do you need a French Easel for any of the Plein Air events this summer? That's what's next, so get your orders in soon!

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