Monday, February 4, 2013


You don't have to worry about making mistakes with this huge selection of Erasers:

 Of course almost the most important eraser of all is the kneaded eraser. These are great for lifting color, and you can snap them apart to clean out the graphite from them.
Kneaded Erasers

White plastic erasers, Gum erasers, Pink pearl erasers.

Artists' Mediums Inc. also carries Helix electric erasers and the refills that go with it.

This is a battery operated handheld eraser, much lighter than the old fashioned plug in ones. The advantage is that you can even use it to erase out highlights!

Sanford Eraser sticks are an old favorite for a lot of folks:

There is a wide selection of new detail oriented Erasers which give even more control and finesse:

We also always have a selection of fun, interesting, and unique erasers, this stock is constantly changing.

 These make great gifts for artists young or old.

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