Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Now is a GREAT time to try M. Graham watercolors or even add to your supply of them. While supplies last, buy any 3 tubes of M. Graham watercolors and get a FREE TUBE (choose from Cerulean Blue Deep, Azo Orange and Anthraquinone Blue)!
M. Graham Watercolor
What is so special about M. Graham? Well, it’s made in the tradition fashion- with honey! The combination of  honey, gum Arabic and water creates a fluid binding medium that provides a higher pigment load for intense saturation and incredible flow.
Personally, I tend to prefer M. Graham to other brands due to the longer working time and the fact that colors stay moist on your palette for many days, even weeks. They also have some very unique colors, such as Quinacridone Rust and Azo Green.
Although they are only available in the 15ml size, they are much more economical than other artist-grade brands, such as Winsor & Newton and Holbein. Plus, they are made in America!
Review by Jess.

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