Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Walnut Ink Techniques
Instructor:  Kristin Richland
Class date:  Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
10:00am – 12:00 noon
Skill level/age:  Beginner to intermediate, age 16+
Sign up deadline:  Friday, July 3rd
Fee:  $40 per person (plus materials)
The beautiful color and interesting properties of walnut ink makes it a must-have for every artist’s toolbox. In this two hour class students will explore painting, lifting and drawing techniques using walnut ink on a variety of papers and other surfaces.  As time allows we will experiment with adding color and using mixed-media techniques.
Materials list:
-Walnut Ink (Tom Norton brand)
-1 Flat or Mop watercolor brush (1/2” or larger, 1.5” max)
-1 Round watercolor brush w/ good point (size 4 min)
-(Optional:  1 round bamboo Sumi brush)
-Dip pen & nib(s) (nib size and style your choice)
-1 or 2 Black Micron pens (01 or larger, brush tip ok too)
-Drawing pencil (medium hardness)
-White vinyl or kneaded eraser
-Image references: bring photos and/or drawings from your sketchbook that you’d like to re-create using the walnut ink.
-Paper:  provided in class
(Feel free to bring extra, watercolor paper is best)
Wear studio-friendly clothes!
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