Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Gift show is lovely!

All of us at Artists Mediums want to thank all the talented customers and friends of the store who have brought thier artwork in to make our gift show so beautiful!
I don't have room here to list all these talented folks, for we have over 70 pieces of art on our walls, and are showing the creativity of over 50 artists in this store, but I would like to mention a few of you, since I am going to show pictures of your art.

Here's a small sampling:
from handmade scarves and tote bags,(Thanks to Dawn O'Connell, Martha Ohliger, and Lynn Powers.)
and wooden ornaments and puzzles, (Thanks to Harvey Bartlett)
and Snowflakes of Vermont wooden ornaments (Thanks to Betsy Sylvester) We even have outdoor quality "leaf cast" cement sculptures
made by the high school students of Christ Covenant School in Marshfield Vermont, and 85% of those proceeds go directly back to that school's art program!
We even have some beautifully decorated small picture frames.
(Thanks to Sharon Diner and Season Hubley)

Come an see this amazing selection!
We also have many small traditional watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings. Buy one of a kind gifts for your friends and families during the holiday season, with the joy of knowing the money is staying local!
(Remember, we only take a 15% commission, so the artist takes home 85% of their asking price.)

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