Thursday, September 8, 2011

We have the nicest customers...

I opened an e-mail today, to recieve a compliment!

My name is Matty and have been a long time customer of your store. As an artist I have tried all the other art supply stores in the area and have frequently found Artists Mediums to be the best and friendliest, a fact I have long appreciated. Thank you.
A friend suggested to me that I should consider "doing a class" at your store. My specialty is 25mm miniature figurine painting (Fantasy & Sci-Fi) with acrylic paints. I have been painting for 11 years and have taught several "newbies" learn the basics and intermediate skills needed for this style of art.
If you are interested in talking more about this please feel free to email me.
Thank you for running a wonderful store and for all the help that has been given to me by your staff these past 12 years,

Matthew C. B.
Infinity is the evolving perceptions of the Gods.
~Aerasume "

What a wonderful letter, of course we will be discussing this class for early next keep an eye out for that...I just wanted to mention how nice our customers are.

A candy store for the most creative people in VERMONT!

There are some customers who brighten our day when they come into the store,  and I am so glad they decided to visit...So many of our Regular customers are talented and inspiring...I just want to thank you ALL!!!


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