Monday, April 6, 2015

Walnut Ink Techniques

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Walnut Ink Techniques

The beautiful color and interesting properties of walnut ink makes it a must-have for every artist’s toolbox. In this two hour class students will explore painting, lifting and drawing techniques using walnut ink on a variety of papers and other surfaces.  As time allows we will experiment with adding color and using mixed-media techniques.

 Instructor:  Kristin Richland
Class date:  Saturday, April 11th, 2015
2:00pm – 4:00pm
Skill level/age:  Beginner to intermediate, age 16+
Sign up deadline:  Tuesday, April 7th
Fee:  $40 per person (plus materials)

Materials list:

These items can be found at Artists' Mediums in Williston. (of course.)
Please purchase products advance of the class to ensure best selection.

 -Walnut Ink (Tom Norton brand)
-1 Flat or Mop watercolor brush (1/2” or larger, 1.5” max)
-1 Round watercolor brush w/ good point (size 4 min)
-(Optional:  1 round bamboo Sumi brush)
-Dip pen & nib(s) (nib size and style your choice)
-1 or 2 Black Micron pens (01 or larger, brush tip ok too)
-Drawing pencil (medium hardness)
-White vinyl or kneaded eraser
-Image references: bring photos and/or drawings from your sketchbook that you’d like to re-create using the walnut ink.
-Paper:  provided in class

 (Feel free to bring extra, watercolor paper is best)

Wear studio-friendly clothes!
View more of Kristin’s artwork at:
Parking for class will be on side of building.
Refund Policy:
Please sign up early for classes. This gives us time to order the correct amount of supplies and prevents us from canceling the class if there doesn’t seem to be any interest. Full refunds will not be given for class cancellations. If you need to cancel, notify us 5 days before the class. 50% will be returned to you in the form of store credit and 50% will go to the teacher. If Artists’ Mediums needs to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

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