Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At least it wasn't Stop, Drop, and Roll!

Contemplative browsing was interrupted today at the shop when the fire alarm went off, and WOW is it loud.  Nice to know it works the way it's supposed to!  As I escorted our customers out, we found ourselves congregating on the walkway with clients of the day spa next door in their smocks and bathrobes (what a day to have picked for a massage or hair coloring...)

Thanks to all the patient ladies who waited outside with me, especially to June for her good humor...we were able to finish our transaction on the front steps, my cousin Victoria for her patience as her framing order was interrupted multiple times, and to Karen Lloyd and all the folks who came in after the all clear was sounded, you were great!  (especially as we had to endure the fire alarm being reset...)

And of course, a big thank you to the Williston Fire Department (our nearby neighbors) who came out in force and investigated.  I'm not sure what the actual cause for the alarm was, but we're all glad it wasn't serious.

Next time I want to get fresh air during the day, though, I think I'll just open the window.


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-chels said...

Ive heard that alarm! It usually goes off once every few months, early in the morning, before we open, always scares the daylight out of me when they test it.
SO glad you muddled through Kristin, and the fire dept was so responsive.
thank you! -Chelsea