Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ways to help

Artists' Mediums Inc was very lucky to be completely unscathed by the recent flooding here in Vermont.

This was part of my drive to work monday -chels

Many others were not nearly so lucky, as several towns are still unaccessable, and many are still without power.

There are lots of ways to help:

Today, (wed. Aug 31st) a family in Pittsfield reported that they bought the last loaf of bread at the market. IF YOU ARE IN OR AROUND RUTLAND, PLEASE DROP OFF SUPPLIES AT Restoring Rutland ~ 34 STRONGS AVENUE FROM 9AM-9PM. These supplies will be delivered to Mendon, Killington, and Pittsfield. Families are eager to get more water, baby food and formula, diapers, dog food, cleaning supplies, etc. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all.

This would be a lovely photo of a lake, if it weren't a  farmer's field.

You can also help through the Red cross:

Another way to help:
Vermont's Largest Hunger-Relief Organization - Vermont Foodbank


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