Wednesday, September 19, 2012

24 Hours of Making COMICS

Now in Winooski!

Winooski Welcome Center will host the 6th Annual 24-Hour Comics Day on October 20th-21st 2012. 
The event is being co-produced by Artists’ Mediums, Rick Evans, and the Winooski Welcome Center.

24-Hour Comics Day, the fun and possibly grueling challenge for comic artists and writers worldwide is back! Artists of all abilities and styles are invited to push themselves to their physical and creative limits in the singular artistic challenge of creating an entire 24-page comic book in one 24-hour period.  
Rick made a mini-comic to help newbies figure out how to tackle the challenge.  It's a good refresher for everyone, seeing as how it only comes once a year.
Check it out on the info page here!

Ready to sign up?  
There are a few things to be aware of first:  
  1. Be sure to arrange a ride to pick you up at the end of the event.  When you've been awake and drawing for 24 hours, it is not safe to be operating a vehicle.  
  2. The event is open to participants 16 years and older.  Permission slips for those under 18 must be signed by a parent or guardian the day the event starts.  
  3. You're going to be in one place for 24 hours.  Dress comfortably, bring food (or have friends visit you with food), a pillow, etc.  Read the guide for more suggestions from Rick, who has been leading this for us from the start.  
  4. When you're ready to join in*, contact us by email at  or call Artists' Mediums at (802) 879-1236 
  5. If you want to drop in and check the progress we're making, please do.  We'll be there from 10 a.m. Saturday the 20th through 10 a.m. Sunday the 21st.  Come watch the artists push their stories through to completion!
*Call soon, space is limited!

Kristin takes a break from her comic, a wordless story that ends with apples, sticks and rabbits

Emcee Rick Evans carefully plotting out his panels

Gregg Giordano (in black) and Geoff Glore (in red) keep coming back for more

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