Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Art Room with Sherri Hiller Artist / Teacher

First Art Room session for 2013:

Using various materials and your creativity!
January 22 - February 14, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Students ages 7 - 14
3:15 pm - 5:15 pm Class time (drop off at 3:00)

Cost of class: $240

You can register in person or by phone with Artists' Mediums: 
(800) 255-1290 or (802) 879-1236


After School Program Purpose:

 ·The programs will provide young artist with the tools to explore, imagine, create, and experience self-discovery in a supportive, nonjudgmental art studio environment.

About Sherrie Hiller the teacher and artist:

Working with art and mixing the experience with children is a passion. I started teaching after school art classes at The Art Studio at Sanford Barn in Hamden, Connecticut in 1999 in addition Alice Peck Elementary School, (Hamden Public School District) in 2003. I taught workshops for Minds and Motion the Connecticut Association for the talented and gifted. In 2003, which I conceived and implemented Kindergarten and First grade art workshops. Moving to Vermont in 2006 I taught mixed medium art classes and jewelry making at Edmunds Elementary and Middle Schools in Burlington.

Before and during the time I was involved with instructing art classes I served as Visual Artist and Production Coordinator for the International Arts and Ideas Festival in New Haven, Connecticut. I worked on neighborhood projects and art in public places.
In June of 1999 I was appointed a position on the Hamden Arts Commission. I was the chair for the Family’s Saturday Afternoon Series. This committee planned ongoing enrichment and entertainment programs. I was on many committees to promote the arts and educate the community.

September 10, 2012
“When I went to Sherrie’s art camp, I thought it was fun and I think she has a lot of character!”
-- Willa Harrington, age 13
It was our good fortune to have our daughter enrolled in art classes with Sherrie Hiller. Sherrie is a dedicated art educator who finds innovative ways to support learning through the arts. Sherrie embraces the thriving Burlington arts community, and this enthusiasm naturally spills over into her teaching. Her classes are safe, nurturing; a place where artistic ability blooms through careful tending and encouragement of the creative spirit.
I was impressed with Sherrie’s creative use -- and offerings for her students -- of recycled and natural materials to draw, paint, sculpt, and create books and portraits.
Our daughter responded positively to Sherrie due to her patience, her ease with working with her, her love of art, and her sense of humor. Sherrie thoughtfully guided our daughter while simultaneously encouraging her to develop and grow her own skills and talents.
A talented teacher of the arts, Sherrie’s commitment, dedication and support of art education programs also make her an inspired addition to any arts organization.
Ann Harrington, M.Ed.
Special Educator

Old Clothes or Smock are strongly recommended
Only registered students can attend the class

No electronic devices

Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during class instruction
Please no snacks, (unless needed for health reasons) Water bottles are welcome

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