Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Enter to Win!

Come into the store to enter to win

a GIANT (24 oz) bucket of The Masters Brush Soap!

(plus a bar of Artist's Handsoap)Valued at over $30.00.

Drawing will be made on September 30th 2011.

"This is my favorite soap. when you think your brushes are clean, think again. Even with watercolor paint, you can always get more color out of your brush with this must have studio soap. I've even saved brushes that I thought were ruined with this soap! I had a sable brush with oil paint dried rock hard - into the bristles, I figured out a way to suspend the brush in a tall vase, with JUST the bristles suspended in a mix of this soap and some water, and after soaking for several days, I was able to gently brush out the paint with a toothbrush! (..always clean brushes in the direction of the bristles for the best results -instead of scrubbing or scruffing up the bristles.)" -Chelsea

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