Sunday, July 3, 2011

Silkscreen time!

Hi, it's Kristin, and I'm excited to report that I'm taking a silk screening class at BCA over the next month. This is a method I have dabbled in over the past few years, but never received formal instruction for.

As I gather materials (and I must say it's fun to be on the "shopping" side of holding a class supply list) I wanted to point out what we have available through our e-partner catalog online.

Clear film that's ink-jet friendly, a must-have for the photo-emulsion technique

GIANT tubs of screen printing ink!

And here's the kit I purchased a few years ago (ostensibly as a Christmas gift for my husband, though he lets me use it...)The class doesn't start for two weeks, but I'm going to start going through my images to see what I might want to work with. I'm really looking forward to putting my drawings here there and everywhere, once I tackle the process.

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