Sunday, July 10, 2011

MAKE YOUR OWN- Handpainted Shoes by Kristin

Do you have an old pair of shoes lying around that could be a bit more...interesting? Kristin found a great and very simple way to revive old shoes!

What you need:
-Paint Brush(es): You can use a variety of paint brushes to work with textile paints. Usually it's easier to work with a nice soft brush that maintains its shape for creating designs. The Holbein Hard Resable brush works perfectly for this! This brush is soft, yet holds a nice point, and holds a good amount of paint to help you make clean and flowing lines.
-Jacquard Textile Paint: These paints are designed for fabric and will work great on most shoes. They come in many different colors and are very flexible when dried.

-Clean the shoes thoroughly before hand. A mild soap and water solution will work just fine.
-Do not apply large globs of paint, these might crack off in time. Thin and even layers will last longer.
-You can heat-set the fabric paint with a heat gun (be careful not to burn the shoes) or you can use a blow dryer on the "high" setting.
We would love to see your photos of painted shoes! Feel free to email them to or share them with us on Facebook !

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